SUMCHI6 Handheld Magnetic Massager

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Product Description

Designed for you to massage and improve the fascia of your horse by following the SUMCHI Stroke Routines.

The unique combination ofthe six prongs, their placement, spacing and integrated rare earth magnets allows the user to create an unparalleled experience for horse and human.


An elegant design with detailed engraving on your Sumchi6 HEART. This unique design features stainless steel prongs embedded with a high energy magnet. The Sumchi6 Heart is designed with a larger head to each prong, giving a softer contact. The Sumchi6 Heart has more direct magnetic connection and tends to flow with more ease over the lower limbs and jaw.


The Sumchi6 Diamond has more targeted heads, allowing a deeper penetration during use. The Sumchi6 Diamond has a deeper effect on the fascia and muscle fibres.

Please see the video below for information on how to do the Level 1 massage strokes.


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