Fager Marcus Sweet Iron Universal

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Product Description

Is your horse:

  • Hard to ride together
  • Sensitive, can get strong
  • Uneven and uneasy in the mouth

Marcus can be varied in strength depending on the day. Fager's baby fulmer provides stability to the mouth part and helps clarify the reins, as well as protecting the lips from pinching. The rings come further out from the mouth part which frames the horse and avoids pressure on the cheek and molars.

With the reins on the large ring, Marcus acts as a Bauncher. The reins in the bottom ring provide a gag and lever function; this combination gives a more flexible and mobile feel than fixed side pieces.

Marcus' unique mouth part has the same thickness throughout without any breaks that can press against the palate.

Combine with Fager's pelham straps and chain to distribute the pressure further and get more choice in the same bit.

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