Bit Trials


Some bits are available for a 30 day trial. To get a 30 day trial, you pay for the bit in full, then you must email us immediately after you place you order. If you haven't emailed us by the time we ship your bit, then your bit is bought in full and not able to be returned after use for the trial fee.

The trial fee is $40 per bit. You may trial multiple bits at once, but the hire fee will be charged for EACH bit. If you email us for a trial, you automatically are accepting the terms and conditions listed on this page.

If you emailed us for a trial, you may return the bit within 30 days (of getting an email from us that the bit is shipped) for a full refund minus the hire fee of $40 per bit trialled. The bit must arrive back within 30 days to our PO Box; this means you cannot post the bit back to us after 30 days, it must get back to us within the 30 days. Please email us if you are unsure of the date your bit is required to be returned by. Any late bits will be charged a late fee of $5 a day each bit, to be added to your hire fee. You are responsible for paying for return shipping back to us, and we recommend you return it with insured tracking as you are responsible for the bit until it gets to us, so if it is lost in transit or lost/stolen when in your possession then you will not receive your refund.

Please take good care of the bit, as we reserve the right to charge additional costs if the bit is returned in poor condition. Each bit needs to be returned cleaned in boiling hot water and scrubbed, then dried fully before being placed in the postage bag to be returned.

Trials are not available with Zip Pay or Afterpay.

Our address to return the bit to is:

First Bit Equine
PO Box 570
Boyanup, WA 6237
Email for your trial today!


These bits are NOT available for trial:

  • Trust Inno Sense or Leather bits
  • Bomber Blue mouthpieces, Moulded Mullen or Flexible Mullen
  • All Nathe bits