About Us

Hi I’m Suzin Wells , and welcome to my website, First Bit Equine

I am a independent bit and Bridle fitter in Western Australia . I live and travel around WA. I have also have become a Dressage Judge and hopefully learning mor along the way !

I am part of the Western Australian Para Equestrian Team here in WA and I am a Below Knee amputee !

 My first horse was a gelding called Honey that I got off the track off Mr Radley . I didn’t tell my parents that i got him so I knew I had to get a job to pay for his keep. I got a job washing dishes at a function centre . 3 month later i told my mum and dad that I has a horse …… So off to Darling Range P ony Club we went. 

As my riding progressed, I moved onto a varied range of horses, from those in the racing industry, to Pony Club and horses at Mardi station in the Pilbara here in Western Australia (AU)

I was that kid who rode everyone’s horse for them, be it small time racehorse trainers or ponies.

As an adult I then discovered a love for Dressage.

As we now ride very different horses to those 30 years ago, purpose bred for specific disciplines the good old snaffle bit has evolved to many & varied combinations, this is where I opened up the window into the ‘World of Bits’

The world of Bits

OMG what a world it is !

In my experience what I found you need to listen to your horse, you need to have a relationship with your horse and it’s all about the connection. You need to ride with 3 thing in mind Gratitude Empathy and Mindfulness. 

If you are causing your horse unrecognised pain your horse might end up treating you like that annoying auntie who you have to put up with to keep the peace .

If you don’t listen, you won’t get that unbreakable bond that you need with your equine partner

The Remedy

First Bit Equine can help you with this connection. When your horse is comfortable, and you understand and have empathy for your horse your partnership will be for the better.

The bit is the riders ‘connection’ to the horse and is the only piece of tack that connects internally to your horse so it’s really important to get this right.

Our Philosophy

*Straight talking

*Horses mouth matter

*The horse decides not the brand

By Biting correctly, we make riders free to celebrate the moment with improved rideability & connection with their horses

Our Values





Lastly no business is complete without those behind you to back you up,
my rock & partner in crime is my best friend & husband Clint


Looking forward to helping you further with your Bitting 

Until then, Happy Riding ... Suzin x